Primarily "bloom and gloom" was an idea- originating from the Viennese creative and communications network "corporate matters". The creative energy was first of all brought into a theoretical concept.  
Bit by bit it emerged that designing furniture was the path, which should be pursued together.  In the form of  "Space Invaders", the mulifunctional wooden stools, the first product was created- the idea had an actual consequence. 


The "bloomandgloom"- pieces of furniture are always community productions : whether  drawing with pen on paper or designing on the computer via 3D rendering process, all drafts are developed and polished in a joint effort. This continues into the process of material selection and collaboration with manufacturers and companies. Sustainability is expected and for that reason no "anonymous" material is used, protection of the environement is respected and the production process is followed from the beginning until the end.


The curiousity of unfamiliar cultures and materials as well as the connection of tradition and high tech influence the "bloom and gloom" collection. Nothing will be excluded. There is no shyness of unconventional processing forms, as for instance by using a laser to reveal the grain and the warmth of the primary wood. Pieces of furniture are created that are always changable and thereby keep pace with the times and inspire imagination. A simple and yet playful collection linked with  durability and multifunctionality characterise "bloomandgloom" furniture pieces.